Grace Baptist Church

Eliezer David Urtecho Bonilla, Pastor

My name is Eliezer David Urtecho Bonilla. I was born on July 25, 1985, in a Christian home. I have two younger sisters. I believed in Jesus as my Savior in 1999. I graduated from the University (UENIC) in 2009 Computer Systems Engineering. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Theology from the Biblical Institute of International Baptist Mission in 2012. I am currently studying my third year of an English course at the University. I got married in 2007. My wife's María del Rosario Monjarrez Puerto. She is Project 14 Accountant. We started in the Baptist Church in 2008, studying in different ministries of the churches in Diriamba and Jinotepe.

We started our ministry with Mission Evangelism Incorporated (MEI) in 2014, before Project 14 Global Missions (P14) made the decision to work with MEI, supporting the Victory Baptist Church (MEI) while Pastor Estuar Alemán recovered from a health problem.

After a year and a half, the Lord sent us to Grace Baptist Church for 3 months, which was without a pastor for a long time. Later God began to reaffirm his work and the church, began to provide a livelihood of 100 dollars per month. In addition, Brother Ken McCoy invited me to work with P14 in the administrative area of the campus for a part time along with my wife. In the church, God has supported the ministry and many of the brothers have returned to the church. New souls have put their faith in Christ as savior and in this time, 10 people were baptize in November 2017. So far, in 2018, 8 people have believed in Christ as savior and 4 people restored their relationship with the Lord.

The current membership of the Church is 45 people. We have an average attendance per service of 40 adults and 20 children.

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Calvary Mount Baptist Church

Stiven Rueda, Pastor

My name is Stiven José Rueda Rios, I'm from the capital city of Managua, I am currently pastoring the Calvary Mount Baptist Bible Church. I am a young missionary pastor, one of the things I like to do is win souls for the Lord and also go out supporting the missionary works that are being planted.

Our church is located 1 hour and a half hours from the capital, we are in the department of Carazo in the city is Diriamba.

My plans for the future is to see how the church of the Lord works in the city of Diriamba reached many people and taking them to the truth that is found in the sacred scriptures, also my personal plans are to get married and remain in this service city until God arranges the time and thus to be able to plant other churches either in our beloved country of Nicaragua or if of his will he will call us to plant churches in other countries.

God has impacted my life a lot in the missionary work we have seen that all the Central American countries struggle a lot with respect to their spiritual lives and it would be a joy to serve as a missionary in those other countries. We will faithfully follow the work that has been entrusted to us in the place we are until God arranges it.

God bless you my dear brothers.

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Promised Land Baptist Church

Wilfredo Alvarado, Pastor

My name is Wilfredo Alvarado. The name of the church that I pastor is "Iglesia Bautista Tierra Prometida. Our church is located 131 km from Managua. My most immediate plan is to begin this year the construction of our Temple for which we are already preparing, raising funds to start as soon as possible. Our request is that God grant us to have our Temple finished with its respective classrooms for children, adolescents and young people and to develop permanent programs of Discipleship and Personal Evangelism so that souls may be saved by Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit's direction and prayers. we will achieve this. Amen

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Hebron Baptist Church

Oscar Perez, Pastor

Pastor Oscar Perez No wife or children Church: Baptist Hebron Place: Jinotega Attendance: 12 to 14 faithful people Years in the Churches almost all my life Years Church have been established: 1 year and 5 months Pastor who supports: Jonathan Blankenship Church and Place: Laurel-Charlotte Baptist Church

When and how did you accept Christ? When did you accept the call of God?

I grew up in a Christian family, my dad is a pastor, but really being the son of a pastor did not make me safe, until one day I realized that I needed Jesus in my Heart, I was only 11 years old when I asked Jesus to come be the owner of my life and give my life to God, then baptize me and even today I continue to serve in the work of the Lord. When I was 17 years old they spoke to me about the Bible University and it seemed to me something nice and something that I had always wanted to learn more and more about the Bible. In 2015 I decided to enter the GBU only for the purpose of learning a little more and not because of a genuine call from the Lord! While I was studying theology in the first year I was also carrying out another university career which I was developing on Saturdays! But then I started to become fond of myself and to engage more in Spiritual things and decided to abandon my other career by staying alone with the Theology career! In the first year of Theology I did not receive the Lord's call until the second year, God began to speak to me more and more through preaching that I needed to serve full time in his work and it was then in my second year that I became engaged with God to serve him as a Pastor where he would decide! In my third year, God called me to direct and start a new work in the Los Angeles neighborhood in Jinotega has been a great blessing and even today we continue to serve in that place as a pastor!

  1. What are some of your greatest blessings in ministry?

One of my greatest blessings in the ministry is to see people being saved through the gospel we preach and much more in the neighborhood where we work where Catholicism has taken great advantage, but it is still a great joy to see when the Lord does the work in their lives and open their eyes and realize that they are living or living in an error and then they are reached by the Grace of the Lord! That causes great joy in my Heart and is a huge blessing! Also see the children being instructed in our Bible school on Sundays! They are the future and joy of our church! One of the greatest blessings is to see how God responds to each of our prayers in the ministry! It makes us feel that we are not alone but that God is on our side!

  1. How did Project 14 help you and your Church?

Project 14 has been a great influence on our lives in our church! Both materially and Spiritually! They have been concerned for the welfare of our congregation! Especially when we started the work on the streets and we did not have a place to meet. They were of great blessing influence and help for the work of the Lord to be done. It is a great privilege to work hand in hand with project 14. We know that they are always with us and that they pray a lot for us and that is to be appreciated! We hope in the Lord to continue working with them for a long time if God allows it.

  1. What are your most urgent needs at this time?

The most urgent need at this moment is to change ourselves and move to a better place or building where we worship the Lord and we are praying fervently for that! Also another of our needs is to be able to obtain Bibles for our Brothers of our congregation! We always dream and pray to have a place of our own where to call our house, the house of God, our church!

  1. What is your vision for your church?

Our vision is to grow in numbers both children and adults and we are working for that! We are also planning a preaching conference in our church for the next several months! Another future vision is that when the Church is capable enough to sustain the work by itself, our visions are to have a prison ministry, to be able to go to the jails and preach the gospel to the prisoners we need and be a blessing to them! Also another future vision is to have in our church a children's dining room for street children who do not have to eat and in that way try to reach them for the Kingdom!

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Faith Baptist Church

Pablo Cruz, Pastor

Pastor Pablo Cruz pastors the Faith Baptist Church, a church that is recently rising in the central area of the city of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, about 132 km north of the country. Is a place where he has been working for almost two years now. Pastor Pablo Cruz is originally from Managua, Nicaragua, but he has been living in Matagalpa for more than 6 years where God has placed him to do ministry in different areas but now he is focused on church planting. Graduated from the National University of Engineering, and with theology studies in national institutions and in the United States. He has a call for church planting and his desire is to prepare and help young Christians in ministry. His ministry has a strong emphasis on teaching and expository preaching, one of his personal short-term projects is to use social networks and radio to spread the sound biblical doctrine that will help combat much false teaching today. He loves sports especially basketball, he also likes to write and teach others. His passion is to see more people being saved through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We would like you to be praying for our future projects for the church, such as: 1. Acquisition of own land for the construction of the temple. 2. A projector 3. The installation of a children's dining room with which we intend to help low-income children in the surrounding area.

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Calvary Baptist Church

Luis Castro, Pastor

My name is Luis Manuel Castro Arias, I am 41 years old. My wife’s name is Sarai Elizabeth Tijerino Delgado, we have one son his name is Manuel Salvador Castro Tijerino, He is 19 years old. I believed on Jesus when I was 16 years old, since that moment I started to serve the Lord in the church serving as a youth pastor during some years, after that I served The Lord as assistant Pastor in the church. In 2012 I was ordained as a pastor in Calvary Baptist Church where I am serving the Lord now full time. In that date the church had 25 members, now the church has 40. During this time, the church has grown, not only numerically but spiritually. Our goal is keep serving the Lord, sharing the Gospel and grow every day in God’s Grace. Calvary Baptist Church is in kilometer 47 ½ the ocean Road, 20 minutes from Diriamba city, Carazo province. We have six years serving the Lord in this church. My interests with God, My Family and My Church. To serve the Lord. I want to grow in God’s Grace, to grow as a person and develop my ministry as a pastor. With my family I want to be a God provider, all the things my family need, and keep working serving the Lord. With my church, saved souls, growth, a sustainable church. My favorite hobby is baseball, I am not practicing to much but I enjoy to see the baseball league.

Our projects: 1. We are working on the tile of the church. We have the Tile but we need money for labor. Please pray for that. 2. A second project is to have water in the pastoral house. We have problems with water. 3. To buy a water tank because here is a need. 4. We need to fix the windows in the pastoral house. We have problems in rainy season because that. Please keep praying for our church, my family, my ministry. God provide everything we need to finish those projects.

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Tabernacle Baptist Church

Herling Parrales, Pastor

Our Family has 5 members: 2 boys, married, they do not live with us, and a girl, Emily, She helps in the services with the direction, sings, and teaches in the sundy school class. In our family our interests are: working hard to get a growth in our church, because this church is the answer God gave us to our will to serve the Lord. To be part of this ministry and be a blessing for others. Our Hobbies: I am serving in the church as a pastor but i have a job too. In a Stone company. My wife and i are studying in Grace Bible Institute i am a musician, i enjoy to be practicing songs, i am the director of a Bible Institute by video in my own church, i like to share the góspel house by house, my daughter hobby is serving in the church and she is going to the school to, secondary school. My wife enjoy to share the góspel with me, she helps me with the music ministry, She has a Generous heart always she has someone to help. We have 12 years saved by Christ Grace. 3 years in the ministry. This is a wonderful experience, we really enjoy it. Church Address. Our address is km 42 ½ The ocean Road, Hermanos Morales Town, Diriamba city, Carazo province, Is Tabernacle Baptist Church in fornt of the main road.. Projects. Now we have some projects, church growing : on February we had a conference with leaders and pastors, we are planing a youth conference in the church, the idea is they bring more Young people . And we are preparing a seminary for Sunday School Teachers. Other economics projects: build a Wall to show the people our services and our Schedule, and special activities, we need to fix the fence in oune side of the church, for safety, to fix the doors in the church and the gates of each one, we want to change the principal door in the church for one better and in a better condition, Prayers request: People saved, God uses us to serve him better, God help us to be better and be a blessing for others, and to be a blessing for our church too. To be faithful, for our projects, protection for pastors, missionaries and families. In the future: Our desire for the future as a p14 activities together, share experiences, learn from others, to have conferences, to do projects, sponsors, helping churches with equipments, spiritual sopport, to work as a team God will bless our work because it is his work. God’s grace and mercy always with you, blessings.

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Faith Baptist Church

Josue Garcia, Pastor

I was saved at the age of 12 years old. Although my parents took me as a child to the church I had not known Christ recognized as my Savior.

God called me to serve in the ministry and to prepare me in a biblical institute. There was the opportunity to study in Matagalpa and to this day I am here. God has given me the opportunity to serve Him and asking for the direction of the Lord we will initiate A fundamental Baptist church in Sebaco-Matagalpa located 100KM from Managua. I pray your prayers for God to be using me as an instrument

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Church Planter

Toureen Hoppington, Pastor

I am currently 21 years old, currently planting a church in Chinandega that is located 3 hours from the capital Managua, our goal is to establish a Bible Church that preaches Salvation by Grace in Jesus Christ, build the church through preaching. I am a Young Preacher who understands adults, youth and children paying attention to their interests and needs. I enjoy sports and I can use them to socialize. Following the will and serving God where he calls is my purpose, I ask for prayers to keep my faith and courage to work in the work of the Lord.

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