P14 has been excited to be a part of securing Northland for future opportunities. A lot of resources have been directed away from our Nicaragua mission objectives to help Northland in its greatest time of need. It is imperative that we begin focusing on our Central America mission once again. We rejoice at the many new friends made through this process. It is clear, however, that Northland needs to remain under the steady capable leadership of those most closely impacted by the Northland ministry emphasis.

For that reason, we believe strongly that all future information and leadership influencers should be centered in northeast Wisconsin, rather than Charlotte, North Carolina. As co-laborers in the Gospel, we stand cheering Northland forward. We stand in a long line of people who are equally hopeful that Northland will serve another generation of campers, students, and pastors. Therefore, all future correspondence, updates, and strategies are only available through the www.northlandcamp.org website and other Northland directed social media places.

Please visit the Northland Website for the latest information.

September 25, 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Project 14 Global Missions is pleased to officially announce that Northland Ministries will be transferred in full and without condition effective Wednesday, September 30, 2015. We extend appreciation to everyone who worked tirelessly, prayed fervently, encouraged regularly, and gave generously over the previous several months, in particular. We are indebted to those who reached out and befriended us during this discovery, transition, and confirmation process.

Northland is a very special place to a multitude of people. Its rich ministry history and humble service to the local church and God’s people during its most prominent years will remain a central consideration when rebuilding and refreshing the ministry focus and opportunities. While current challenges remain, we understand the responsibilities of the Northland campus. We are committed to work diligently and to work long-term with churches, alumni, longstanding camp supporters, and interested partners to develop Northland into a ministry that pastors, churches, parents and guests have confidence in supporting.

Many have longed to see Northland continue as a place where people are encouraged and refreshed in the Lord allowing guests to have an opportunity to ‘take another spiritual step.’ This is our goal likewise. P14GM is a mission agency committed to spreading the gospel worldwide, establishing churches, building camps, and training nationals to take leadership within the community and the local church. We look forward to advancing these mutual interests on the Northland campus immediately.

We appreciate the traditional values and ministry philosophy of its founder, Dr. Paul Patz, a passionate and generous businessman, who sacrificially provided the funds and personal leadership to see a distinguished Baptist Christian camp and college ministry built and blessed in Northern Wisconsin to be a help and encouragement to God’s people. We are thankful for the support of the current Patz family, former administration and staff members, community neighbors, and a multitude of alumni and campers, who have been an immense encouragement to P14GM during this process. We are excited to announce that Northland Camp and Conference Center will be able to celebrate its 55th summer camping season in 2016, providing thousands of campers a refreshing and memorable camping experience, like many years prior.

In conjunction with the P14GM executive board of directors, a Northland executive leadership steering committee has been established, including Les Ollila, Marty Herron, Matt Morrell, Gary Walton, Matt DeCleene, Jack Katterhenry, Todd and Debbie O’Dell, Randy and Chelly Pierquet, and others who appreciate Northland and are committed to invest the time necessary to use it for Great Commission purposes. This committee, and others, are established for the purpose of confirming Northland’s future direction, helping shape opportunities, and vetting potential candidates who can provide strong, balanced, and stable leadership going forward. In addition, Project 14 Global Missions will be advancing mission interests from this location, working with local churches and national leaders.

While some pledges have yet to arrive, we are certain that those who love Northland and ministry will continue supporting its next steps through prayer, financial support, and active participation. Of course, there are ongoing operational challenges since the revenue cycle has been drastically affected. If friends and ministry supporters would send regular monthly gifts until a consistent revenue stream is established, these challenges would be minimal. We know that 55 years of Northland history has developed friends and loyal partners who remain generous and optimistic about the future. Northland can make a difference. God has met our needs over the years, and we trust in Him to lead His people during this next season likewise. We will be working with a team of business and ministry people to strengthen Northland on many levels including financially.

For our many friends, partners, and supporters from both P14GM and Northland Ministries, who long to see Northland preach and teach the Word of God, to exalt the name of God, to esteem the people of God, and to demonstrate the love of God toward each other, we invite you to participate at Northland once again to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Through its camping ministries, mission’s emphasis, and love for the local church and the people of God, we are certain that Northland has a bright future.

We again thank the army of supporters who made pledges and sent gifts during this significant time of need. We rejoice with the Northland family on this special day. Continue to pray for strength, wisdom, and God’s power and provision. Now, let’s get to work.

For God’s glory alone,

Project 14 Global Missions Executive Board of Directors