What to Expect

Have you been interested in getting applicable experience at a Christian organization? Project 14 Global Missions invests into a few interns each year teaching quality skill sets that will help you long after you leave the internship. We appreciate your interest and look forward to those who will join us for this exciting program.

Getting an internship with Project 14 Global Missions will last for two to four weeks and requires diligent planning. Our organization requires a formal application, resume, cover letter, 2 letters of recommendation as well as an essay on why you’re interested in interning for Project 14 Global Missions. Not all internships have the same requirements. Here are some things to check for when getting ready to apply for an internship.

When is the Application Deadline? Internship deadlines vary every year due to the different dynamics of Project 14 Global Missions. However, January is the deadline for applications to be considered for the following year.

What Qualifications are Required? Project 14 Global Missions requires students to be at a certain level in their college education or stipulates specific skills, majors, or courses completed to apply for the internship. Project 14 does not stipulate you must be a college graduate, but we are looking for people with STRONG soft skills-personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

What Qualifications are Preferred? Project 14 Global Missions prefers future interns to be single, finished with college, or currently not attending college. Although we indicate a preference, we do not indicate these as a requirement to apply. If you are interested in the internship and feel you possess the soft skills necessary, go ahead and apply. You can always discuss your skills further with Project 14 if contacted for an interview.


I'm Still Interested - Now What?

Download the Intern Application and send it to our Office