Mission Trips

What to Expect

Feed the Poor - Experience the blessings God has for you as the "giver" by giving food to those who desperately need it.

Clothe the Needy - Enjoy giving extra clothes you have brought or shipped down to the less fortunate.

Evangelize the Communities - Spreading the Gospel with literature through towns can be tough when you don't know the language, but we believe it will strengthen your faith by letting God's Word do the talking.

See the Country from a Unique Perspective - During your free time, you can schedule times to see the beautiful land of Nicaragua and to experience the local culture. Nicaragua has it all- beautiful beaches, a massive volcano, and many local markets.

Participate in Sports Outreach - The most popular sport is Nicaragua is baseball. However, the Nicaraguans are also interested in a variety of other well-known sports such as basketball and soccer. Sports outreach can be a magnificent tool to build a bond with the locals before sharing the Gospel with them.

Bond with Other Christians - Come partner with fellow Christians to help change lives! You will not return home as the same person because the work that you will participate in will have an eternal impact on both yourself and those around you. To see God working in another country will change your life forever.

Serve in and with Local Church Ministries in a Third World Environment - Get to know Christian brothers and sisters in Nicaragua by serving in music, preaching, games, or worship. Being a part of God's church, wherever you are, is eternally rewarding.

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