Work Trips

In Nicaragua poverty is the norm rather than the exception. Almost everywhere you look it's hard to find running water or electricity. P14GM invites work teams made up of individuals or groups that are skilled in construction, carpentry, electrical, architectural design, landscapers, or labor volunteers, to join us as we build the ministry in Nicaragua. These trips are an opportunity to strengthen you or your group, by presenting an opportunity for you to use your talents and abilities for God.

Join P14GM by volunteering to build ministry homes, Bible institutes, churches, The House of Refuge (P14GM hospital), and by providing help to local Nicaraguans. Currently, we are in the process of constructing Global Bible University in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, and we have recently finished the construction of our mission house pictured above.

Make a difference in the country of Nicaragua with P14GM by spreading God’s love through the ministry of building.

Contact our Office for information regarding dates and projects available for upcoming work trips.

What to Expect

P14GM is excited to partner with missions and work related groups. We have seen numerous church groups bring teams down to learn more about the needs of Nicaragua and use their talent of building for God. Because of your work, hearts and lives are being changed. Over the past three years, P14GM has heavily influenced country residents by the buildings that were built by missions related work trips.

Below are some things you can volunteer for on your work trip:

Global Bible University - Volunteer to help us build our first Bible College in Matagalpa, Nicaragua from the ground up. This includes dorms and meeting rooms.

Staff Homes - Once Global Bible University is built, we will continue by building homes for the faculty and staff of Global Bible University.

House of Refuge - Nicaragua currently has one children's hospital that is located in the capitol city of Managua. We are working with authorities to build a housing complex to get parents off the street while staying overnight waiting for their sick children.

We have plans submitted to start building across from the hospital once funds are raised. Each time we serve a meal and comfort guest with the message of Christ, they leave with a new sense of joy and encouragement.

Rebuild Homes/Repairing Damaged Roofs and Siding - Helping or teaching the community on how to repair structural damage.