Special Northland Update

P14GM Special Announcement

July 27, 2015

Dear Ministry Friends,

After weeks of prayerful consideration, in-depth research, and constituency testimonials, it became clear God would have us continue a ‘walk of faith’ in reviving a fresh, dynamic, impacting Northland campus. Therefore, the board members and executive leadership team of Project 14 Global Missions voted on Saturday, July 25, 2015, to unanimously and cheerfully accept the stewardship responsibilities of the Northland campus, effective immediately.

I have already notified the founding family members of this decision, and they stand in full support of moving Northland forward in the tradition of its original core values and vision. With an aggressive youth and family camping program, along with a relevant and impacting training facility, Northland and P14GM will have an opportunity to impact churches, campers, and the world. Utilizing this beautiful Wisconsin campus, along with our national office in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our two Nicaragua campuses in Central America, the goal of ‘getting more trained laborers into the harvest field’ is an exciting prospect.

Exceedingly generous funds were pledged and given on behalf of ‘Saving Northland.’ The friends of Northland and P14GM made this achievement possible because of their many kind and heart-felt gifts. Out of one’s love for God, love for Northland, and love for ministry, the future of Northland continues. We are still receiving gifts and donations to satisfy a bank note that is due soon, but not due immediately. We ask that friends of Northland will continue to help this worthwhile cause.

We are pursuing the name Northland Baptist Ministry focusing on camps, education, missions, and ministry helps. Northland Camp and Conference Center will change to Northland Camp and Retreat Center. The Project 14 Global Missions board of directors will lead Northland Baptist Ministries in parallel philosophy and commitment to our other ministry and mission focuses around the world. We will merge our global mission efforts at Project 14 Global Mission agency, Global Bible University, OneLife Christian Camps, and BluePrint Church Planting program to Northland campus in strategic ways to be determined soon.

On behalf of our entire P14GM leadership team, we publicly thank the Lord for this opportunity and consider its stewardship a sobering responsibility. Praise God for His faithfulness.

Jeff Kahl, Executive Director

Press Release from Project 14 Global Missions

Released: 8:00pm, July 2, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Northland Ministries, located in Northeast Wisconsin, has agreed to transition the leadership of the Northland Campus in Dunbar, WI to Project 14 Global Missions, effective immediately. This is contingent on raising enough funds, before July 23, 2015, to satisfy current creditors. This will allow P14GM to begin the next exciting Northland chapter. Project 14 Global Missions is a ministry-minded, mission agency, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, that equips Christian leaders, establishes churches, and provides quality education and resource to strengthen and encourage God’s people to reach others with the gospel of the grace of God. P14GM wants to utilize this northern Wisconsin facility for the purpose of advancing missions worldwide, operating a Christian camp ministry that supports our international One Life Christian Camps, and exploring the future educational potential for a Leadership and Biblical Studies Institute.

“We are interested in a campus overrun with campers and crowded with young collegians looking for practical Christian instruction in a great location,” said Dr. Jeff Kahl, who is the Executive Director for P14GM and a 1989 Northland alumnus and former staff and administrative team member. “Our earnest desire is to conduct ministry in such a way that brought a multitude of pastors, campers, students, and friends to Northland in its earlier years.” Dr. Les Ollila, the Chancellor and former college president for thirty years, is fully supportive of this exciting new development, and has been a close advisor during this process, along with others who worked with Jeff from 1984-2003. Les Ollila desires that “Northland, with a great commitment and dependence on God, introduces the world to Jesus Christ and puts many trained laborers into the harvest field.” He continues, “Our priority is to make Christ central in all that we do” and “we need to honor the many years our founder, Dr. Paul Patz, invested toward a vision to make a global difference from the Northland campus in Northeast Wisconsin.” P14GM is committed to this same vision.

Jeff Kahl, Executive Director for P14GM, has been appointed the onsite Executive Director for Northland Ministries to navigate strategic planning for the future. His current priority is to get the “friends of Northland” to eliminate the $1.2 million dollars of current debt. “We have three weeks to give Northland a second chance. Our founder, Dr. Paul Patz and the extended Patz family, invested heavily over the decades. I now believe alumni, campers, students, and the friends of Northland must join forces to save Northland now . . . We are excited to see God provide during Northland’s time of greatest need.” The Northland facility is quite possibly the nicest camp facility of the majority of camps in America. It has an established infrastructure, and the immaculate facilities give a huge boost to the many churches that consider property as one of their key factors in coming to camp. We believe these facilities can once again thrive with a lively program. For more specific information regarding the operating plan, please visit www.p14gm.org. In addition, one can visit this site for additional details regarding current specific debt, giving opportunities, and daily donation totals. P14GM expresses gratitude to the board of directors for their graciousness and professionalism during this process; and is responsible for allowing Northland Ministries, under the ministry oversight of P14GM, to have future opportunity.

Respectfully, P14GM board of directors