Global Bible University

Student Profile

Malcolm Ramon Perez Torrez

City Matagalpa
Pastor Wifredo Alvarado
Age 20 as of 2019
School Promised Land Baptist Church
I would like to Sponsor Malcolm


1.I accepted the Lord in my heart when I was 12 years old at a retreat. At this retreat they talked about how good it was to accept Christ however they did not talk about hell until I attended Calvary Baptist Church, there I really learned the importance of being saved.

2. I decided to serve God full time and share with people what God had given me one day. My cousin graduated from GBU and that influenced mw.

3. I knew about GBU through my church. My cousin received the call from God and attended college and that also encouraged me to come and prepare myself. My family supports me. My church pays the monthly fee and my Mom helps me financially.
4. My Biggest challenge is to show a good testimony in front of people, even when people congratulate me on the change they see in me, I feel that I still need to change. God helps me recognize my mistakes, and my church encourages me to move forward in the Lord.

5. I need to study deeply. Of course I've grown up in prayer, reading and knowledge.

6. I have taken so much affection to this place, it is an accessible university and it has the necessary resources for the care and development of each student.