Global Bible University

Student Profile

Juan Jose' Gomez

City Palacaguina
Pastor Juan Carlos Dias
School Tierra de Canaan Baptist Church
I would like to Sponsor Juan


1. I accepted Christ in 2014, Pastor Juan Carlos Dias guided me in Palacaguina when I was 17 years old.

2. I want to serve God, I determined it two years ago, my pastor helped me reach this decision.

3. I knew about college in a youth camp, my pastor encouraged me to come, my family supports me and my church helps me.

4. My challenge is to learn more about the bible because it is a very important but complicated book.

5. GBU has helped me a lot spiritually, I have learned a lot about God and it has been a great blessing.

6. I am glad to be part of GBU, I have learned many things and I am preparing myself to serve God.