Global Bible University

Student Profile

Rigoberto Montoya

City Teostepe
Pastor Eddy Cruz
Age 19 as of 2019
School Aposento Alto Baptist Church
I would like to Sponsor Rigoberto


1. I accepted Jesus when I was nine years old in Aposento Alto Baptist Church. Pastor Mathias Dias spoke to me about salvation and how I could be saved.

2. I want to seek the lost souls, to service God full time. I determined the call from God to my life in 2017, God has helped me until today.

3. I knew about GBU from Pastor Josue Garcia, he was one of the students, he told me about the youth camp, I decided to come to youth camp because I was in need of the presence of God. My family does not support me but I am supported by a local church in Managua.

4. When God Called me, I prayed that we would confirm that call through different pastors.

5. Financial Aid to those who are going to rise up churches, to do God's work in the field.

6. It has been a great blessing for us at GBU, because we are preparing ourselves to serve God.