Global Bible University

Student Profile

Orlando Samuel Castillo

City Maderas
Pastor Juan Perez Acevedo
Age 17 as of 2019
School Los Olivos Baptist Church
I would like to Sponsor Orlando


1. I was 15 years old, in my home, a friend lead me to Jesus. I remember it being a Friday night.

2. The call from the Lord to my life is very important to me. Josue Perez helped me with my decision.

3. I knew about GBU through some young people who ere talking about it. I then came to one of the camps and took my decision to study at GBU. My mother is the person who is supporting me right now. God provides for me.

4. It has been through distress that I have faced.

5. It would truly help if I could be provided with extra study material to improve my bible knowledge.

6. It is a good university and their teachings are based on the bible.