Past Events

August 2017

Global Bible University Second Semester Begins

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

December 1, 2017 - Final class for 2017 - Closing Service

Pastor Angel Melindez, Tulsa, OK

December 4-9, 2017 - Christmas in Nica

Faith Baptist Church Missions Trip, Pastor Mick Bowen

January 9-16, 2018 - Winter in Bolivia

Medical Missions Outreach, Baltimore, MD

Date: July 6-16, 2017

Bradley Edmondson and Medical Missions Outreach brought 60 medical professionals to our Southern Campus, Diriamba, ready to serve the surrounding poor areas by providing both a free medical clinic and a free vision clinic. Supplied with medicines and glasses these loving servants gave needed care to people who could not have afforded it! One man exclaimed in excitement when he received his glasses, "Now I can read my own Bible!" What blessing this team was as they saw over 2100 patients in 4 days and over 200 salvations! Each person was evangelized personally by our Pastors and members from the churches and other team members. Much preparation was required to obtain the necessary government and health department permissions to hold the clinics. Our Project 14 Nicaragua Team did a spectacular job coordinating the permissions and logistics of this effort. MMO, you were such a blessing!

Faith Baptist Church, Canoga Park, CA

Pastor Tim Rasmussen

Date: July 6-14, 2017

Faith Baptist Church were a pleasure and thrill to serve alongside in missions as they served others so graciously. Team Leader, Edwin Aguirre, Team Coordinator, Ben Curtis, and the team worked so well together and brought a fresh encounter with others. This team served in both the Southern Campus, Diriamba and the Northern Campus, Matagalpa. They worked hard painting and repairing and reaching and teaching! Many of the group sang in both English and Spanish. Several Spanish speaking members were very effective in teaching and reaching the lost! Pastor Tim was able to join the team and they had a wonderful, meaningful trip! Please feel free to return to Project 14 trips anytime! Thank you for your support!

Eastland Baptist Church Mission Trip, Tulsa, OK

Troy Dorrell

Date: June 20-29, 2017

Eastland Baptist Church from Tulsa, OK was led by Youth Pastor, John Mardirosian and were very prepared for the trip. Nine days of soul winning and ministry in the community and our churches saw over 275 adults and children saved! We were blessed to see them serve our Nicaragua Team and our Pastors as well. They were such a blessing and encouragement. Their team focused on the Southern Campus and surrounding areas with giving and meeting needs in the Dump community, hospital, churches, and homes. Thank you Brother John and Eastland Baptist!

Bible Baptist Church Mission Trip, Fairfield, OH

Pastor Wally Miller

Date: March 23-31, 2017

We were blessed to have Bible Baptist Church from Fairfield, OH and Pastor Wally Miller during the month of March. Their team was such a blessing in the way they served in our churches and witnessed in the community! Theron and Brenda Crawford hosted this church as they conducted children's activities at Faith Bible Baptist Church in Managua. They also served at Grace Baptist in Diriamba.

Harvest Baptist Church Mission Trip

Date: July 28-August 7, 2015

Project 14 seeks to send Christians around the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and a group of 90 people from Natrona Heights, PA did exactly that. This group of construction workers, teenagers, and friends compiled the largest group of visitors that the P14 ministry has seen in Nicaragua. The team was spilt into 3 groups, 2 of which were spread between the Northern campus in Matagalpa where our Mission House is located and our Southern campus in Diriamba.

We are thankful for all of their help as they evangelized to the community, visited schools, fed the hungry at a local garbage dump, completed construction projects for a local pastor, and greatly encouraged Nicaraguan Christians and the team at P14.

Our friends traveled to a foreign country to be surrounded by a foreign language and gave of their time, resources, and energy. They impacted eternity, and their personal lives have been changed simply because they were willing to go where God led them.

Global Bible University

Date: March 2015

As a part of Project 14's purpose in training national pastors to start their own churches in their home country, Global Bible University in Matagalpa, Nicaragua began its first semester in March 2015. Exciting opening meetings, meals, and times of fellowship were enjoyed as the students and staff celebrated the beginning of what God would do at GBU. As of June 2015, they completed their first semester and will begin the second semester in August.

Pastor's Conference

Date: March 20-24, 2014

Dr. Ezequiel Salazar spoke on Christian Family and the Home during this week-long Pastor's Conference in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. There were over twenty Pastors in attendance and many Pastors gave testimony of how they were greatly encouraged through his teaching. Jeff Kahl also visited the Pastors during this time and presented them with the details regarding the start of Global Bible University. The next Pastor's Conference was announced for June 16-20, 2014.

Nicaragua Mission Trip

Date: March 20-27, 2014

During this time, Jeff and Karen Leffew (Indianapolis, Indiana) brought their two daughters, Annica and Tessa, to Nicaragua on a missions trip. Sheriff Randy Stevenson (Roscommon, Michigan) also came to partner with P14GM during this week. They visited the children's hospital, fed the families at the Cristo Rey and Matagalpa dumps, visited children in the schools, and presented the Gospel on many occasions. It was our honor to have them with us during this time, and we greatly appreciate their willingness to serve the Lord alongside us.

Faculty Housing Construction

Date: April 3, 2014

Global Bible University in Matagalpa, Nicaragua is scheduled to start in March of 2015. We are currently in the process of building faculty housing and have recently poured two foundations. We are now asking churches and workmen in the U.S. to join us and help finish these homes.

Christmas Party

Date: December 17-22, 2013

In December 2013, Jacqi Sasek, Ken and Peggy McCoy, Feliciano Mendola, Pablo Cruz, and Ericka Cruz were able to host Christmas parties in three communities in Nicaragua. They were able to give presents, candy, and food to those in need. At each of these parties there were, on average, about 100-300 attendants. Of course, our main goal is to give the Gospel. The Lord allowed us to use these parties as a tool to reach the Nicaraguans both physically and spiritually. Through these parties, seven people made professions of faith.